At 10/10 Fitness our mission is to help people rediscover – or discover for the first time  – that exercise can be fun and enjoyable. Putting your health first is one of the best investments one can make to contribute to not just living longer, but more importantly – maintaining a high quality of life and vitality throughout the years. We’re not training elite athletes and body-builders -we’re helping average folks lose weight, gain lean muscle. improve mobility and flexibility, and restore energy daily. Whatever your fitness goals may entail -we can help!



Larry Bowlby is certified with the American Council on Exercise or ACE as it’s known-  a governing body that certifies qualified fitness professionals, which is recognized in both Canada, the United States and abroad. Larry is also a 4 th degree black in Okinawan Shorin-ryu Karate and has been running a karate dojo for 26 years.